Consulting and concept for

We advise you on establishing professional public relations in TV and online TV media within your corporate communication. We create a concept and
assist you with our service as an external provider and realize your public relations on TV. From the design, the selection of news relevant issues and their treatment, through production to distribution to television stations - national, pan-European and international.


We look forward to support your national and global projects with our service and know-how.


tv. press service - range of our services

  1 Consulting
  2 Concept and scheduling
  3 TV media database
  4 Executing the
  5 Placement on talk shows
  6 Personality Coaching / camera training
  7 Production
  8 Distribution
  9 TV monitoring
10 Cost benefit / ROI
11 Workshops


1 Consulting

For the media relations on TV we advise you on the strategic direction and the selection of topics with relevance to the News program.


2 Concept and scheduling
According to the defined subjects we create a concept with the relevant timing for the implementation of 

3 TV media database

We adapt our national and international TV media database to the issues of your business and make it available for the media relations on TV. 


4 Execution
This includes inviting the journalists to the press conference, coordination of requests for interviews with the board, delivery of background information and footage, telephone follow-up, written Report.


5 Placement on talk shows
We place your board members on current topics in suitable talk shows.

6 Personality Coaching / camera training
To stand in front of the camera and giving interviews is a
matter of practice. Our coaches will prepare you for the professional Performance in front of the camera and also
for public appearances.


7 Production

We produce footage, interviews on current issues, live interviews with your board members via DSNG directly to the economic, stock market and news programs and your
press conference with 2-3 cameras in the TV standard HD format.


8 Distribution

Distribution can be live or delayed on the television newsrooms, national and international, in the Internet and Intranet as well as in the social media.


9 TV monitoring

Success control is done via television monitoring, that is, all relevant reports on TV with news about your business are recorded and evaluated for a defined period.

10 Cost benefit / ROI

By TV equivalent value the TV coverage will be determined of the advertising value, which usually is far in excess of the costs of the production and service.


11 Workshops

You are planning to establish in your corporate communication, we will be glad to train your employees what to consider when dealing with the TV press and its production.



International TV / Online TV Contacts

Our TV and online TV contacts to the business and news editors we have in Germany, Western Europe, Russia, China, India, Japan, South Korea, the United States, Canada and Brazil. If required we will extend this for your project.